Director of Training John Mallory at


John is Calibers training department manager. He has an extensive background in firearms instruction and numerous firearm certifications. John retired from law enforcement where he was a patrol officer, detective, and narcotics agent. He left law enforcement and continued his career path as a firearms and tactics instructor for the Department of Energy Security Operations. John also worked with the State Department’s Anti-Terrorist Assistance Program (ATAP) training foreign nationals in diplomatic/dignitary protection and team tactical responses. John later used his training, skills, and specialties as an independent contractor providing protection to diplomats/VIPs in the Middle East and South America. He was later employed as an instructor for the State Department of Diplomatic Protective Service programs as a contractor. Here he performed training for hundreds of candidates protecting U.S. Embassies in the Middle East. His specialties of instruction were: Vehicle Dynamics I, II, III, off road vehicle dynamics, room clearing tactics, firearms, defensive tactics, navigation, and specialized as a designated defensive marksman instructor. For private lessons with John Mallory, CLICK HERE

Master Instructor Tony Otero at


Tony Otero has been a part of the calibers team for nearly a decade, and is one of Calibers' most seasoned certified firearms instructors. He holds numerous firearm instructor certifications and is certified by the Department Of Public Safety as a firearms Instructor. Tony’s training is not bound solely to NM, as he has also been asked to teach at a nationally recognized firearm training facility. Tony has taught thousands of students from military and law enforcement professionals, to concerned citizens, and their families. His knowledge is not limited to only firearms and tactics; he is also very knowledgeable about firearms design and has armorer certifications for multiple weapon systems. In order to provide the most up to date and relevant information to his students, Tony stays active in the firearms community by regularly attending firearms training courses as well as local shooting competitions. For private lessons with Tony Otero, CLICK HERE

Firearms Instructor Lindsey Fassler at


Lindsey has been a part of the New Mexico shooting community since 2008. She holds several certifications from the NRA, and has actively participated in various advanced shooting courses hosted by some of the industry's biggest names such as; Pistol training, and F2S training. Lindsey began her firearms instructor career, and competitive shooting in 2011. She co-developed and implemented the ladies only and kids camp courses at Calibers, while also shooting regularly in both IDPA and 3 gun matches. 

On top of her part time employment with Calibers, Lindsey is currently employed full time as a staff trainer contracted by the state. Her primary focus is on policy and procedure along with content development and adult learning. For private lessons with Lindsey Fassler, CLICK HERE



Gary is an NRA firearms instructor specializing in pistol firearms training, an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, as well as an NRA Training Counselor. Gary is a certified instructor in several different NRA disciplines, both as a student instructor and an instructors’ instructor. Gary is also certified by the New Mexico Department of Public safety as a Concealed Carry Instructor. Gary’s been teaching NRA classes and the NM Concealed Carry Class since 2010. Gary focuses on a defensive approach to training. Gary stays active in shooting sports and is an IDPA shooter. Gary also teaches CPR/First Aid/AED and Trauma classes.

 For private lessons with Gary Antal, CLICK HERE 


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