NM 1st Congressional District Candidate Aubrey Dunn on 2A



Candidate Aubrey Dunn on 2A

Dear Reader,

The upcoming election for New Mexico’s Congressional District One is one of the most important elections in the country. Non-presidential elections seldom receive coverage commensurate with their importance, and we think it’s time to change that. We have reached out to all four candidates to request that they share their positions on the Second Amendment with us. We are attaching links to each candidate’s response so you can make your own decision. We have not altered the thoughts that they have shared with us in any way. It is crucial that we, the electorate, stay as informed as possible. We hope this helps that process in some small way.


Thank you for your interest in our campaign. As compared to the two major party candidates, I am probably the only one who owns firearms and use them on a weekly basis. I am 100% pro second amendment and understand the Second Amendment was not about owning a firearm for hunting purposes. I will fight any infringement of our second amendment and as an independent I would not be subject to any party pressure.

Here is my answer from the Albuquerque Journal:


aubrey dunn

What actions should Congress take to reduce and mitigate the epidemic surge of gun violence in this country that has a high incidence of the use of semi-automatic weapons, automatic weapons and high-capacity clips?

The Constitution of the United States clearly and unequivocally states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. At the inception of our Republic our founders declared their independence from an oppressive government and had to fight for their independence, in which bearing arms was vastly important. Our founders understood that government can become unhinged and oppressive, and the citizenry cannot stand up to a tyrannical government if they are unarmed. In Congress I would fight to protect the right to bear arms and promote enforcement of laws that are already on the books. Law abiding citizens are not the issue when it comes to arms, and as we have seen with the war on drugs if someone wants something, they will find a way to get it.

Would appreciate your vote,


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