NM 1st Congressional District Candidate Chris Manning on 2A



Candidate Chris Manning on 2A

Dear Reader,

The upcoming election for New Mexico’s Congressional District One is one of the most important elections in the country. Non-presidential elections seldom receive coverage commensurate with their importance, and we think it’s time to change that. We have reached out to all four candidates to request that they share their positions on the Second Amendment with us. We are attaching links to each candidate’s response so you can make your own decision. We have not altered the thoughts that they have shared with us in any way. It is crucial that we, the electorate, stay as informed as possible. We hope this helps that process in some small way.

My position on the 2A is quite simple, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I oppose red flag laws, I oppose the assault weapons ban and I oppose warrantless seizures of citizens guns. As someone who has been in a combat zone, who served in the military I understand what “common sense” gun control really means, an intentional infringement of your liberty. 

Chris Manning
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