Who Will Be Your +ONE?


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Who Will Be Your +One?

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If every shooter brought one new person to the shooting range, even more people would be passionate about sports shooting. The +One movement is about introducing new people to the range and helping to grow the sport. With your help, we can recruit the next generation of passionate target shooters and help secure a future for this American tradition.

A great trip to the range could be all it takes to create a new recreational shooter for life. Share your passion for shooting with a friend or family member who isn’t a recreational shooter. Invite them to be your +One at the range. Show them what shooting is all about and why you enjoy it so much.

How to ask someone to join you at the range

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Asking someone to join you for a visit to the range doesn’t need to be complicated. Be friendly and respectful and just ask, “Would you like to go to the range with me sometime?” If they agree, be sure to share what to expect, such as the proper attire, basic gun safety, and what firearms you plan to use.

Find out if they own a firearm or have any prior range experience. Make going to the range easy for them by offering to pick them up and be willing to share some of your gear.

Make sure the firearms you use are the proper fit

Making sure your +One feels comfortable is the first step to having a great day out at the range. It is essential that any firearm your +One uses is properly fitted and not too big, too small, or too heavy.

Improper gun fit can affect a shooter’s accuracy and make a day at the range less fun. If the shooter feels comfortable, they’ll enjoy their time with you at the range and want to go back again.

Take the time to select the right firearm for your +One’s day at the range. Calibers has experienced staff on site who can provide this expertise if needed. 

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Celebrate and reinforce what your +One learns

Talking about what went well is one of the best ways to follow up your time at the range. Celebrate their first bullseye or being able to load the magazine correctly. Encourage discussion on what they liked and didn’t like and use that time to continue to discuss gun safety and what you would suggest they work on next. Reinforcing what is learned and talking about how to improve is a great way to set up a follow-up trip to the range and the next step in nurturing a new recreational shooter.

Calibers is the perfect place to take your +One. With two range locations in Albuquerque, one range location in Clovis, and plenty of range positions at all three locations, there is always a range close to you:

  • The Cutler Range, located at 4340 Cutler Ave NE, Albuquerque

  • The Coors Range,  located at 9320 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque

  • The Clovis Range, located at 1654 Highway 60, Clovis


For +Ones who are just getting started, Calibers offers several beginner courses to help you and your +One learn the basics of firearm safety, gun ownership, and shooting fundamentals. Our NRA-certified instructors help beginners feel confident and provide a comprehensive introduction to shooting. Here are just a few of the beginner courses you and your +One can take at Calibers:

Handguns A-Z
NSSF First Shots
Ladies Only courses
Kids Camps

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We’re also bringing the future of firearm weapon training to a range near you. Our Virtual Reality Target System simulates weapon training virtually, with no ammo required. Experience the future of firearms training today.

Invite your +One to join you at Calibers this August to celebrate National Shooting Sports Month. Take a photo of you and your +One and tag #PlusOneMovement and @Calibers to be entered into a drawing for a pair of valuable gifts for you and your +One. One entry per customer.

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