5 Reasons to Buy a Gun Safe in Albuquerque Today

Purchasing a gun safe in Albuquerque may be the most critical firearms decision you make.

We know how satisfying it can be to use your favorite firearm (maybe when training or on a date night at the range), but what happens when it’s time to put it away? Keeping your firearms secure in a sturdy safe is vital to responsible gun ownership.

However, not all safes are created equally, and buying a quality gun safe in Alburquerque is a lifelong investment. Read on and find out why it’s crucial to find the best gun safe for you.

Reasons to Buy a Gun Safe in Albuquerque

1. Improve Your Safety

One of the most fundamental ways to practice gun safety is to control who has access to your firearms. Burglars are at the top of the list, but so is anyone else who might be in your home: children, visitors, babysitters, house-sitters or dog walkers, friends or relatives with spare keys, etc.

Depending on whom you’re trying to block, different types of protection are required. Glass-front cabinets offer little protection against burglars, who would gladly smash through your house to steal your guns. Children, on the other hand, tend to discover mischief more quietly. In any case, a well-made gun safe would protect from all while contributing to public safety.

2. Protection From Fire

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and that’s especially true when it comes to unexpected fires. Protect your firearms and other valuable items from destructive incidents by finding a fireproof safe! Although burglaries are often a more pressing concern than fires, having a fire-resistant gun safe gives you an extra layer of protection, giving you more peace of mind overall.

 Liberty gun safes, for example, provide fire protection you can count on. When shopping for a gun safe, check the fire rating and if there are multiple insulation levels. After all, accidents can happen when you least expect them. Make sure to be prepared.

3. Improve the Longevity of Your Firearm

A surefire route to degrading the value of your firearm is allowing it to rust. Rust can quickly accumulate if you don’t take proper care to prevent it, leading to other safety issues. So how can you keep your firearm in good condition? An essential method is storing your gun in a cool and dry place like a gun safe. 

When shopping for a gun safe, check for humidity controls–you may even want to look into a dehumidifier depending on your climate. Control the moisture and keep your firearm in peak condition!

4. Protect Your Firearm Ownership Rights

Did you know that you can be sued for handling a gun incompetently? Poor firearm use or safety standards can result in severe or deadly tragedies. Protect yourself and others from accidents and subsequent legal action by keeping your firearms in a reliable and sturdy gun safe. Stowing your guns properly in a safe makes you both a responsible gun owner and citizen. 

5. Protect Your Valuables

When customers ask, “How big should my gun safe be?” this is what we draw their attention to. While the primary function of a gun safe is to store your firearms, you can also protect your other valuables.

Family heirlooms, irreplaceable or sensitive documents, and of course, firearms, can all find a place in a well-equipped gun safe. Keep your precious items protected while you’re out of town or at work, and you can rest easy!

What Should I Look For in a Safe?

When shopping for a gun safe in Albuquerque, consider the two C’s: Construction and Capacity.



You wouldn’t put on a bike helmet made of paper, so why would you protect your firearms with something flimsy? It may be tempting to lean towards cheap safes, but how can you depend on a cheap, thin metal cabinet to protect your guns? If you look at the industry’s offerings, some low-end gun cabinets have very thin metal bodies. 

A determined burglar with a hammer and screwdriver could easily reach the valuables inside. Raise the level of protection of your safe by paying close attention to the thickness of the walls, the locking mechanism, and the fire rating. Steel thickness is vital!


A common regret of safe shoppers is that they didn’t buy a safe with a bigger capacity. Gun collections are bound to grow, after all. We’d suggest purchasing a safe with a capacity of one and a half to twice the number of guns you have to store. If you intend to keep other valuables or documents, look for a safe design with various storage shelves or compartments.

Gun Safes at Calibers

No one wants to have something valuable stolen, but it’s never too late to add more protection. You can safeguard your valuables by incorporating a safe into your existing home or building one into the construction of your new home. Investing in a quality safe protects you from theft, fire, and unauthorized use–extra safety is always a good investment!

The next time you search for a “gun safe near me”, remember that Calibers is here to provide you with the best gun safes for sale in New Mexico. Calibers carries the best models available such as Liberty, Sports Afield, Sovereign Safes, and Safe Guard, in a wide variety of sizes, that accommodate everything from rifles to handguns. Visit Calibers Safe Store’s showroom and have a member of our knowledgeable staff assist you today!

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