At Calibers, we are dedicated to providing top-notch education and training in firearms. Our expert instructors offer a wide range of services to cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced shooters. Whether you are looking to improve your marksmanship, learn about gun safety, or simply hone your shooting techniques, Calibers has you covered.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and extensive selection of firearms make us the premier destination for all your shooting needs. We take pride in offering a safe and welcoming environment for our clients to learn and grow their skills.

Join us at Calibers and experience the thrill of shooting in a supportive and educational setting. Book your session with us today and take the first step towards becoming a more proficient and confident shooter.

Customer Comments

"This is my fourth out of five lessons. It was another good lesson. I have learned so much from Stephanie. She is a very detail oriented, and patient teacher and always emphasizes gun safety. She really is an asset to Calibers."
"Hi, The class was perfectly run by the instructor. I’m very satisfied with the experience."
"Another great lesson today. I learn more each time and become more confident. Stephanie is such a wonderful teacher. Kudos to her."
"Loved it! The teacher and facilities were excellent." Thank you,
"My husband and I really enjoyed our class. Mr. Mallory was very professional and helpful"
"Enjoyed the class and Johns instruction was excellent!"
"Very enjoyable and educational. Thank you so much!"
"I highly recommend the NM Concealed Carry Course with Gary Antal. Everyone at Calibers – Cutler was friendly, enthusiastically helpful, and knowledgeable."
"It was very good. Gary Antal is a very good instructor. I thought I knew pretty much everything, and I learned so much more from him."
"Awesome! Informative. Interesting. Fun. Time flew. "
"The class was great. Enjoyed Tony's presentation. Very knowledgeable and informative. Thank you"
"John Mallory was extremely knowledgeable and very interactive with all the participants of the training session. He is an excellent instructor, and I will be taking my next class from him if he offers it. I highly recommend taking classes from John Mallory"
"Fantastic class with John Mallory. He did a great job with describing all the situations that can present with CC along with all the applicable laws. Very thorough. I appreciated that he stopped for all questions and had a diligent, thoughtful response. it Makes a new gun owner like me very comfortable with CC and owning a firearm."

USCCA Protection Package

The USCCA helps responsible Americans like you to prepare for what happens before, during, and after an act of lawful self-defense and is trusted by over 790,000 responsible armed Americans. Add a USCCA Protection Package to your membership and receive USCCA Elite Benefits + Up to $700 in Calibers Training.

Women's Only Classes

Calibers women’s only courses are a welcoming and engaging guide with multiple layers of instruction. From basic pistol to defensive pistol and more, these courses can be used separately or combined to enhance your knowledge and comfort with firearms. These courses build upon the fundamentals of shooting and explore universal safety rules, situational awareness, common types of handguns, ammunition, marksmanship, advanced firearm handling, defensive pistol fundamentals and the use of deadly force. If you are ready for the fun, seriousness, and importance of being a armed female, these courses are just for you.

New Mexico Concealed Carry

Calibers comprehensive concealed carry courses are perfect for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm for self-defense. Our concealed carry courses not only satisfy the requirements of the State of New Mexico, but they help guide you the student to understand conflict avoidance and situational awareness. Routinely recognized as the premier concealed carry course provider in the State of New Mexico, Calibers is the only one stop shop for your concealed carry course, with notaries, rental guns, and our climate controlled indoor ranges. Why would you take your next concealed carry course anywhere else?

  • Firearm Safety
  • Gun Ownership
  • Gun Parts & Pieces
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Hands-on Instruction
  • How & Where to Continue Training

Handgun Courses

Calibers handgun courses cover everything you would want to know about handguns. These courses feature concepts such as firearm safety, handgun parts, shooting fundamentals, and more. These courses will take you through everything handgun, leaving no question unanswered, while enhancing your confidence and knowledge of firearms. From basic skills to holster draw techniques, these courses are exactly what you have been looking for.

We offer a variety of classes to meet your training needs.


Calibers rifle courses cover everything you would want to know about rifles. These courses feature concepts such as firearm safety, rifle parts, shooting fundamentals, and more. These courses will take you through everything rifles, leaving no question unanswered, while enhancing your confidence and knowledge of firearms. These courses are exactly what you have been looking for.

Emergency First-Aid Fundamentals

Would you know what to do if you were deep in the wilderness and a hunting companion sustained a penetrating chest wound? Could you prolong the life of a loved one long enough for the ambulance to arrive if he or she had sustained a life threating injury as the result of a violent attack? While most are comfortable dealing with the cuts and scrapes of everyday life, most individuals would be a bit less comfortable dealing with severe life-threating injuries when seconds count. Our Emergency First-Aid Fundamentals series of courses details the proper way to deal with significant issues, such as serious bleeding, chest injuries, broken bones, and more. If your ready to become your family’s first responder in all emergency situations, these courses cannot be missed.

  • Required equipment: outside the waistband holster, at least 25 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to work on your skills one-on-one with one of our certified instructors. Each lesson is tailored to meet your specific needs, providing you with the flexibility to really work on your shooting skills. Lessons can be purchased one at a time or in a package of 5 – schedule lessons with the instructor of your choice.
Please email us at to schedule your private lesson.

Calibers Youth Camps

This camp is the perfect way to teach your children the basics of firearm safety and shooting. Our NRA-certified instructors will guide your children through the principles of firearm safety and the proper response when finding an unattended firearm. They’ll also go over marksmanship fundamentals and shooting positions in a safe and fun environment.

  • Classes are three days (10:00am-2:00pm)
  • Lunch is provided

Calibers Glock Mechanics Course

This is our Glock Armorers Course. This course provides in-depth information on Glock firearms, including:

  • History of Glock
  • Complete Disassembly
  • Part Nomenclature
  • Firearm Operation
  • Commonly Worn Parts
  • Part Replacement
  • Function and Safety Testing
  • Handgun Manipulation
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