Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to work on your skills one-on-one with one of our certified instructors. Each lesson is tailored to meet your specific needs, providing you with the flexibility to really work on your shooting skills. Lessons can be purchased one at a time or in a package of 5 – schedule lessons with the instructor of your choice.
Please email us at to schedule your private lesson.

Handguns A-Z Course

This course covers everything handguns in six training hours. It’s the perfect starting point to introduce you to the sport of shooting. Learn about handgun ownership, firearm safety, and shooting skills. No questions are left unanswered and you will leave this course with confidence in your training and new skill set.

Ladies Only Handguns A-Z Course

This course is the perfect starting point for your mom, sister, best friend, or you! In this course for Ladies Only, we take you through everything handgun related in five training hours. Learn everything you need to know about firearm safety, gun ownership, and shooting fundamentals. We want you to leave this course with confidence in your training and a newly acquired skill set.

Couples Situational Awareness Course

Calibers Couples Situational Awareness & Tactics Course teaches the five rules of room clearing, effective team communication, awareness both inside and outside the home, and shooting on the move as a couple/team. If you or a loved one have ever asked "What would we do if there was an intruder in our home? How would we protect ourselves and our children?", then this is the course for you. (Course limited to 5 couples per session - dinner included)

NSSF First Shots Course

Developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and hosted by Calibers Indoor Shooting Ranges. First Shots has introduced thousands of people to shooting and firearm safety. Our qualified instructor provides a comprehensive introduction to shooting that includes:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Gun Ownership
  • Gun Parts & Pieces
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Hands-on Instruction
  • How & Where to Continue Training

Calibers Kids Camps

This camp is the perfect way to teach your children the basics of firearm safety and shooting. Our NRA-certified instructors will guide your children through the principles of firearm safety and the proper response when finding an unattended firearm. They’ll also go over marksmanship fundamentals and shooting positions in a safe and fun environment.

  • Classes are three days (10:00am-2:00pm)
  • Lunch is provided

Calibers Draw Clinic

Need to work on your draw? This clinic helps you ensure that your draw stroke and re-holster methods are safe. Once completed, you receive an annual Draw Card Certification that allows you to draw from your holster at Calibers for one year.

  • Required equipment: outside the waistband holster, at least 25 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection.

Low-Light Techniques

These courses put your shooting skills to the test in low-light situations. Developed with various low-light shooting techniques using a pistol, shotgun, or rifle. The instructor will drill you in all aspects of weapons handling with an emphasis on flashlight selection, illumination techniques, and real-world applications. These courses start out with classroom instruction and progress to live fire on the range utilizing low-light techniques.

Calibers Defensive Handgun I Course

This course will get you started using your handgun in defensive situations and help build a defensive mindset. Our instructor will discuss many of the current methods used in defensive situations and provide strategies to survive a potential encounter. The majority of this class is spent on the shooting range with the instructor practicing tried and true defensive drills to sharpen your mindset and your shooting skills.

Calibers Glock Mechanics Course

This is our Glock Armorers Course. This course provides in-depth information on Glock firearms, including:

  • History of Glock
  • Complete Disassembly
  • Part Nomenclature
  • Firearm Operation
  • Commonly Worn Parts
  • Part Replacement
  • Function and Safety Testing
  • Handgun Manipulation
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