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  • Gunsmithing Services


    Calibers gunsmith shop provides exceptional services that cover all your gunsmithing needs. Our gunsmith's have over 50 years combined experience. If you need firearm repairs, be sure to check our gunsmithing services and prices below.


    Gunsmithing Hourly

    $80 Per hour with a $45 Minimum

    Additional Fees

    $3 Shop fee (lubricant, cleaner, etc.)

    $15 While-you-wait surcharge

    $20 Tool fee for cutting, drilling or pinning melonite barrels

    If firearm is dropped off for malfunction diagnosis, a magazine and ammunition must be provided. If no ammunition is provided, a box will be added to the bill.

    Following prices do not include parts Standard Services

    Handgun sight install $45* (Free if purchased from Calibers Shooters Sports Centers Locations) *1911 Sight fitting subject to labor needed.

    Barrel cut and re-crown $45-$80

    Barrel pinning and welding $60

    Glock trigger install $45

    Glock maintenance service $120 (Includes full cleaning and inspection and replacement of parts by Glock certified armorer.) *Price does not include replacement parts.

    AR-15 M4 Maintenance service $120 (Includes full cleaning and inspection plus replacement of commonly worn parts)

    Firearm cleaning & inspection: Handguns $45 Long guns $80

    Detail strip and clean, removing cosmoline $150

    *Rust and heavy soiling will incur a $20 surcharge

    Package Services

    S&W J-Frame Carry Package

    Full Gun Cleaning Services

    Full cleaning

    Trigger job

    Install Wilson Kit #178

    Labor $160

    1911 Trigger Upgrade Package

    Full cleaning

    Trigger job 4-5 lbs

    Fit and install new trigger with over-travel stop.

    Fit and install Harrison or Wilson Combat hammer, sear and disconnector.

    Labor $180

    *Lead times may vary based on parts availability.

    Handgun Services

    Trigger Job $60 and Up

    Sight in $45 (Ammo not included)

    Barrel fit on Semi Auto $100

    Chamber cylinder $80

    Satin re-finish SS Guns $160

    Re-crown barrel $60

    Bob hammer $45

    Fit new hammer/trigger $120

    1911 Specific Services

    Trigger job $160

    Bobtail main spring $160

    Install ambi safety $60

    Replace ejector $45

    Fit new barrel/bushing $120

    Replace extractor $45

    Fit beavertail safety $80

    Fit hammer $45

    Fit trigger $45

    Lower ejection port $120

    Fit magazine well flare $80

    AR 15 Services

    Pin low profile gas block $60

    Pin A2 Front sight tower $80 (Only on new or never pinned barrel and sight tower)

    Install free float handguard $45

    Trigger group install and Fit $45

    Optic mount and sight $45

    Sight in iron sights $45

    Install Magpul ASAP $45

    Build complete upper $60 (Not including parts)

    Build complete lower $60 (Not including parts)

    Build complete rifle $110.00 (Not including parts)

    Remove and re-pin muzzle $80

    AK Style Service 

    Pin front sight tower $80

    Pin gas block $80

    Fit and install furniture $80

    Remove side scope mount $210

    Sight in iron sights $45

    Single point sling mount install $45

    Shotgun Services 

    Install combat sights $120

    Shorten barrel $80

    Install bead sight $45 per bead

    Cut/crown/cold blue $80

    Polish trigger internals $80

    Replace furniture $80

    Fit barrel heat shield $45

    Mount side saddle $45

    Double barrel shotgun full cleaning $120

    Custom Work

    Custom work and machining $100 per hour

    Fitting rifle action to new stock $320

    Fit and install recoil pad to stock $120 (Add $40 if shortening stock or flattening curved butt)

    Drill & tap for new scope mounting $120

    History check/verification documentation $120

    Insurance quotes $45 per gun

    Insurance repair $90 per hour

    Insurance appraisal with letter $80 per gun

    Cerakote Pricing

    All non-stock colors will add $40 fee  

    Non-stock colors are typically the pinks, blues, reds, etc.

    Ask if color is in stock if not sure. 


    Complete handgun (1 color) $150.00 

    Add 2nd color for two-tone or accents $40 Additional complete disassembly/reassembly $50 additional 

    Slide only (1 color) $80 Slide disassembly/reassembly $30 

    Frame only (1 color) $80 Frame disassembly/reassembly $30 

    Components only (trigger, mag release, safety, etc.) $45 

    Themed or camouflage patterns starting at $325 

    Long Guns 

    Complete AR/AK (includes everything from stock to muzzle in 1 color) $300.00 

    Add 2nd color for two-tone or accents $40 additional 

    Themed or camouflage patterns start at $450. Complete disassembly/reassembly of AR/AK/SCAR $85 additional. Scope (1 color) $110 – Scope Mount (1 color) $60 – Optic (Aimpoint, Eotech, etc. in 1 color) $90. Bipod (1 color) $90. Flashlight $85 

    Hand guard only (including railed hand guards) $90 

    AR stripped upper or lower $95 

    Package deal: stripped upper, lower, rail (1 color) $250 

    Magazine (1 color) $25 

    Barrel only (1 color) $75 

    BCG (1 color) $70 

    Bolt Action Rifle (1 color) $250.00 

    Add 2nd color for two-tone or accents $40 additional 

    Includes Receiver, barrel, bottom metal, and bolt handle 

    Complete disassembly/reassembly $60 additional 

    Shotguns (1 color) $250.00 

    Receiver and barrel only $200 

    Add 2nd color for two tone or accents $40 additional 

    Complete disassembly/reassembly $60 additional