At Calibers, we believe education and empowerment are the foundation for safe, responsible gun ownership. We are dedicated to creating a comfortable environment for ladies to learn about and purchase firearms, as well as a place to get the training and support needed to succeed.

Trainer Spotlight

Robin Hopkins

When Calibers offered me the opportunity to work as a trainer, I really thought about what I could accomplish in that role. Could I help women take ownership of their own protection? I wanted to provide them with the agency they needed to feel confident, not just in handling a gun, but in their overall self-defense. Because at the end of the day, whether you're using pepper spray or a handgun, it's about feeling secure in yourself and knowing you can do what needs to be done.


why the disparity?

While 43% of men in the United States own firearms, only 17% of women are gun owners.

For many women, gun ownership – and even the mere act of holding a weapon – feels like a "male-only" activity. Additionally, many women feel intimidated by the idea of seeking out information and help relating to gun handling and ownership.

The Well Armed Woman (TWAW) Program is dedicated to empowering women to participate in their own protection by becoming familiar with – and trained in – gun ownership.


Calibers is proud to partner with THE WELL ARMED WOMAN

ON THE FIRST THURSDAY EVERY MONTH, we will be hosting the ABQ Chapter of TWAW at our Cutler location. Each meeting will have a different topic related to self defense, then we'll hit the range! The range portion is always optional... Having a good time, learning and laughing is mandatory!

When: First Thursday of Every Month @ 5pm

Where: Calibers Indoor Shooting Range, 4340 Cutler Ave NE ABQ NM 8711

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