Concealed Carry Options for Women



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“How can I dress for concealed carry in the summer?

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Many women carry a concealed firearm as a means of self-protection, especially when traveling or engaging in activities alone or at night. However, for women, concealed carry can be complicated by what they are wearing or where they are going. Specifically, traditional carrying options, such as the shoulder and belt holsters common for men, are often impractical or impossible for women due to women’s clothing styles or even a woman’s body shape.

Innovative Concealed Carry Options for Women


This does not mean that women cannot carry their firearms out of sight of casual observers, even when wearing close-fitting garments. On-body carry innovations, such as specially designed T-shirts, bike shorts, bras, and even leggings, allow for both discreet concealed carry and ease of access. Other on-body carry options for women include wraparound holsters inside the waistband of a pair of pants that eliminate the need for a belt.

Concealed Carry with Style

Concealed carry holsters for women can also be stylish, with options that coordinate with a variety of outfits. Wrap-style concealments for the calf, waist, chest, or thigh fashioned in delicate lace can provide an ultra-feminine appearance alongside their concealed carry functions. Concealed carry holsters worn on the body typically include a pouch, padding, or both, to prevent the firearm from resting directly against the body and minimize movement and bouncing. Concealed purse carry options are available in various styles and sizes to match even the most elegant or formal ensembles.


Maximizing Concealed Carry Access

Whether women choose concealment holsters that employ on-body carry or specially constructed purse carry, Calibers recognizes the need for ready access. After all, without the ability to engage a firearm when needed, concealed carry fails in its primary function as a means of personal protection. To that end, Calibers is pleased to offer training for women to help them get comfortable with the process of both carrying and drawing a concealed firearm, to help ensure that protection is available if and when it is needed.

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